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PS-12/22/32: Stainless Steel Body And Hopper Models With An Hourly Output Ranging As Here Below Are Available With Different Cutting Units.

1 Model.PS-12 100 Kg/Per Hour Ksh

2.Model PS 22 280 Kg/Per Hour Ksh 236040/=

3.Model PS 32 425 Kg/Per Hour Ksh

PS-12 / 22 / 32 Range
Commercial meat mincers
Sammic Commercial Meat Mincers Are ideal For Food Service, Butchery ,Institutions And Food Retail And Offer An Hourly Output From 100 To 425 Kg., Depending On The model.

With Stainless Steel Body And Hopper, The Grinder Head Lock Ensures A Perfect Cut. All models Are Equipped With Ventilated, Powerful Motors.

PS-12 Is A Compact Model Complete With An Aluminium Grinding Head.

PS-22 / 32 Models Can Be Equipped With Aluminium Or Stainless Steel Cutting Unit, With The Possibility Of Unger S-3 System In Stainless Steel Version. The Motor Unit And The Cutting Group Must Be Ordered Separately.

All Models Are Sold With 1 Blade And 1 Mesh Plate.



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