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CCIG IT Introduction

CCIG IT is an IT Consulting, Solutions and Services provider. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong, China. Relying on its strong R&D heritage and ability to innovate, CCIG IT is now focusing on using emerging, disruptive technologies, like cloud, mobility, big data and analytics, to provide powerful solutions and products for clients in a wide range of industries including: high-tech, eCommerce, finance, automobile, retail, logistics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, media & entertainment, and travel.

CCIG IT follows rigid security measures that are in strict compliance with multi-national quality & safety standards. CCIG IT’s management and development processes. It’s supported by a team of young experts with the practical abilities, dedication and innovative spirit to help clients to achieve and maintain the levels of operational excellence and profitability, and continuously create value for their stakeholders. Visit us on Congo Directory

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